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The Alchemy of Running cover edition running book will ship mid-July.  This book has expanded to include 2 books which are co-related like two signs of a coin. The first book, The Alchemy of Running, is a memoir of Anthony's history as an Olympic racer. The second half is called the Obex Deorum which means 'Barrier of the Gods' and is a technical guide book with advanced running insights.

In alchemy a practitioner aims to transmute an everyday base substance into gold. In The Alchemy of running, Fam details the true meaning of this miraculous process as it pertains to personal growth. In running the competitors win a prize of gold, silver or bronze medals. Many have mistaken the material medals as the embodied object of attainment. The truth is these are simply representational. They represent what each runner has become by way of the internal alchemical process of self-purification. Through the crucible of exertion, pain and fatigue, we begin the process of burning off all of our personal doubts, weaknesses, bad habits and short comings that keep us from transmuting into the most refined manifestations of ourselves.

The Alchemy of Running Paperback Book will ship mid-July 2024

  • Anthony Famiglietti, also known as Fam, is a two-time Olympic runner and seven-time U.S Champion. He's also earned the rare honor of becoming a Sir Knight within the order of the Knights Templar and a Master Freemason. Fam has spent over a decade building out The Alchemy of Running as an extensive in-depth guide into the lesser known, yet powerful techniques and secrets he's used to achieve incredible running success. There is no other book like this in the genre of sport.

  • The book is in its final stages and will ship end of June. It is two books merged into one with close to 100,000 words. 

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