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We believe a race is a celebration and not a test, so let go, enjoy the run and don't look back.  

Reckless Running is a family owned business founded by 2-time Olympian, Anthony Famiglietti, and his wife Karen.  Reckless Running is to run with reckless abandon; run in a way that sheds outer restriction, disintegrates the perceptions of how you should or shouldn't be, and most importantly, annihilates projections of what you can or cannot do.

When you run with reckless abandon, your entire being becomes freer and lighter as you initiate the process of gradually letting go of the things that only serve to slow you down.  To run recklessly is to not be afraid to trek out into the unproven ground of life and snag your outer skin on the rough terrain of the path.  In this way, you'll find your true self through running.  Our trademarked skeletal winged foot logo embodies these ideals.

We design and sew all of our racing singlets in NC, as well as much of our other merchandise.  Everything is hand printed by our team.  Our online store exclusively sells our Reckless Running apparel, and you can also find us at running expos across the country.  We have an in-house pattern maker which allows us to custom the fit of our singlets.   


We also offer both online and in-person coaching too for beginner through elite. You can check out our coaching page for more information.


And for those that have shopped in our Mooresville store, and would like more information on our SportSafe CBD product, you can visit

Anthony Famiglietti

Co-Founder of Reckless Running, Anthony is a 2-time Olympian, 6-time US Champion, coach, husband, father.  He ran a sub 4 min mile with a furry friend named Bailey Rose. He also has the world record for the mile and 2 mile on the treadmill.  You can check out the video of that run by clicking on his image above. He is the idea guy!


Karen Famiglietti

Co-Founder of Reckless Running, Karen is an avid runner, wife, mother and graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design.  She was a D1 runner at Appalachian State University.  She drives all product and creative development and daily operations.  Karen has the fun task of making Anthony's ideas come to life.    


The Boys

Future of the brand!


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