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Reckless Running was founded by 2-time Olympian Anthony Famiglietti and his wife, Karen.   Reckless Running is about running with pure, reckless abandon and that is encapsulated in our trademarked skeleton winged foot logo.  The idea is to abandon fear, trepidation, self doubt, fatigue, lack of focus or anything else that prevents us from reaching our full potential. Our online store exclusively sells our Reckless Running apparel.   You can also find us at running expos across the country.   


We offer both online and in-person coaching too for beginner through elite runners.  Make sure to check out our coaching page for more information.


And for those who shopped in our Mooresville store, and would like more information on our SportSafe product, you can visit www.sportsafecbd.com and for information on the Recover Light Therapy Device please visit recoveled.com. 


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