Episode 17 - Golden Harper - Founder of Altra Running Shoes

April 17, 2018





Golden Harper is the founder of Altra Footwear and the originator of the term 'ZERO DROP'. His maverick shoe modifications that create an even platform heal to toe and feature a roomy toe box helped create a revolution in the shoe industry that has shown him incredible success.  So much so that Altra has recently been acquired by the VF corporation due to successful sales in the range of 50 million in revenue annually.  When you see online click bait promotions about folks who have 'disrupted a billion dollar industry' it's usually fake news, but Golden is truly a person who has done that in the running shoe industry. His cutting edge and forward thinking sneaker designs which emphasize healthy biomechanics and proper foot shaped lasts have helped force the industry to take note and follow suit.




For many decades top running brands have sold shoes that have not delivered on the promotional promises of performance (say that three times), and in reality, have in many cases hurt runner's feet.  I know this because I am a runner who has suffered chronic, painful injuries that will be with me for life as a result of poorly functioning running shoes. I know many elite and non-elite runners who have also suffered injuries due to long term use of products that work against their body's natural biomechanics and foot shape.  Altra's welcome entree into the running world in 2012 has ushered in a new age of relief and performance that has been long overdue.


In this podcast we discuss his very early start in the running world and how he came to be known as the guy who would melt and cut down your running shoes for a small fee.  We take a look back at the process of development from his humble begginigs melting shoes in front of a toaster to

fully developing his own brand and generating millions in sales.  






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