Break Line Episode 015 - Tony Post CEO/Founder Topo Athletic

February 26, 2018



Tony Post has long been an innovator in how athletes look at and utilize their running shoes. As CEO and Founder of Topo Athletic his experience and knowledge extends as far back as the early days of sneaker development in the 80s.  Our conversation digs a little deeper into how and why shoes are made the way they are and why innovators like him are pushing sneaker fabrication into a new direction and era. 


Sneakers on a runner are as essential as fresh tires on a race car.  If they fit wrong or function poorly the car will wreck and so will your body.  You can't run 100 miles on a flat tire (or achilles). If you'd like to run far and fast for a long time as you age, then you truly need to understand what you're putting on your feet to train and race as hard as you do.  The moral of this podcast; take care of your body, purchase and utilize products that assist your natural biomechanics and movement and don't get caught top in gimmicks.  Proper fit is king!


Proper shoe fit 


Wikipedia -  Shoe last 







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