You've been asking for it.  Introducing our Men's Custom Racing 'made to order' singlet.  You pick the front and back fabric color, the front and back graphics (from our graphic library), and you add some details so we can provide a custom fit.  For the front singlet, you can pick from 11 different fabric colors.  For the back panel, you can pick the same color as the front, or black or gray.  All graphics will be printed on the center front and center back unless there are special requests for other placements.  We will try to take all requests into consideration, and will email you directly if a request cannot be met.  All of our singlets are designed, sewn and printed in Mooresville, NC.   All singlets are 100% Polyester.  You select S, M, L or XL (can do 2XL upon request), and then we'll adjust the pattern based off of the chest measurement and fit details you provide.


SIDE NOTE:  If you want to add a custom graphic (logo, name, etc), we can do that too.  Make sure to add the MEN'S CUSTOM FIT AND GRAPHIC SINGLET-CUSTOM ART to your cart and not this one.   The price will increase to from $60 to $99.99 (if you own the art you are sending and have the vector files for it-If you need us to create the art, an art fee will be added in addition) but you will own the screen that we make for you, so if you order additional tees or shirts in the future, you will not have the extra up charge, you will just be able to add this graphic since we will already have the screen made.  You must own the art you send.